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Married! Again!

July 1, 2013

No, no, I’m not married to someone else.  And no, Hubby and I didn’t get remarried.

On May 18, 2013 same-sex marriage became legal in France.  Because we were already married elsewhere, we couldn’t just get remarried, instead we had to go through all the hoops to get official copies (and translations!) of documents to have our original marriage recognized.  We finally got everything and a friend submitted our paperwork on Friday.

Guess what we got today!


Our Livret de Famille!  This is the equivalent of a marriage license and with it I am now covered by the French social system and can now apply for my carte de sejour, which gives me the right to work and puts me on the road to residency/citizenship!

As I was making my appointment today for my first meeting with immigration, I asked the woman behind the counter how long the process took.  She responded, “Oh, as the spouse of a French citizen, it’s very fast.”  I felt relieved because until I have my carte de sejour I can’t work.  Then she continued, “It should only be 2-3 months.”  GASP!  If 2-3 months is very fast, what does “not very fast” look like?!  (And given that the country all but shuts down for the summer, I’m guessing it’ll be closer to 4-5 months).

Until I can work legally, my plans for opening an American bakery are on hold.  Well, that and the fact that even if I could work right now, I can’t open an American bakery because “patisserie” (pastry chef) is a protected occupation (formerly a guild) and hence can’t be entered into without a diploma.  So for now the plan is to get my carte de sejour and get into a training program for the fall for pattiserie.  That is supposed to take a year, after which I can work in the field.

So until then, it’s as usual.  Well, life as usual in France.  😉


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One Comment
  1. sharon permalink

    Everything is coming together so well now. Fingers crossed that the additional paperwork arrives in a timely fashion 🙂

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