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How Does My Garden Grow 6/24/2013

June 24, 2013

We have a very large yard by French urban standards and along the side of our gate we had to have a bunch of trees removed because they were mostly dead and definitely overgrown.  Unfortunately the landlord didn’t have the roots removed, so they’re still down there.

One of the things I was looking forward to in having a large house with a yard was to have a garden.  So Hubby had dirt and compost brought in and we created a raised garden (to avoid having to remove the roots).


This is the view from our bedroom window on May 6, just after we finished setting up the garden.  The idea was to subdivide the garden into triangles, which you can kind of see.  At this point I had planted head lettuce (towards the right end, in two triangles), peas (on either end, back by the wall), some tomatoes and basil (left end), and marigold seeds (front end, by the curved edges).


This is also from our bedroom window on June 17.  Unfortunately we got rain most every day in May and a lot of June so my poor garden didn’t do much.  You can see I’ve added some flowers, some more tomato plants (near the center) and a potato box (on the left end).

The following photos were all taken today, June 24.

Garden 6/24/13

This is the left side of the garden.  I’ve since made cages for some of the plants.  They’re not easy to find here, so I made my own using 1 meter high fencing.  To the left are about a dozen tomato plants and the potato box.  Behind the potato box are sweet peas.  There’s a squash plant in front and one by the wall (yellow).  Further to the right are eggplants and peppers (both of which are suffering due to the lack of sunshine).  Finally there are bush beans (which I thought were climbing beans, hence the cage!).

Garden 6/24/13

This is the middle of the garden.  There are some glads poking up in the middle of the mesculin on the left then some tomatoes in their cages.  In front of them are some melons in cages.  Then cukes, leeks, corn (that my mom sent me from the US!), beets, and onions.  In the back on the right is “l’amour en cage” (caged love) otherwise known as a physalis.

Garden 6/24/13

Finally, we see again the onions and physalis, in the back the tall plant is sorrel and in front are TONS of carrots (I was too lazy to thin them!), then the head lettuce plants I started out with, mixed with some onions.  Then on the right in the back the peas are climbing up their rope trellis and you can see some basil plants and chives that were recently planted.

Intermixed throughout the garden are various flowers, including lupine (near the back), carnations (in the front), fuschias, some other low plants I can’t remember the names of, and in the back I planted morning glories, but those guys don’t seem very happy either.

The best part about having all this right outside our front door?


Fresh salad any time we want!

What about you, did you plant anything?  How is it doing?


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