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First Trip Back!

September 17, 2012

I can’t believe it’s already time for me to make my trek back to California!  How can FIVE WEEKS already have flown by so quicky?!

To make my first trip a little easier, we arranged to spend the weekend with our cousin Emmanuel (Manu) and his family in the northern ‘burbs of Paris.  It was SUPERB!  Talk about a wonderful weekend.

We arrived Friday evening to an incredible meal and delicious wine (Manu is a bit of a wine connoisseur so he had some very delicious wines FOR.EVERY.MEAL! (Well, not breakfast!)).  We spent a good deal of the evening talking and catching up.

Saturday morning (after some really delicious pastries and coffee) we ventured out to Ikea for, ahem, a few things we needed for the house.  Moral: NEVER doubt the interior capacity of a Mini Cooper!

Mini-Ikea Love

After our Ikea-escapades and a delicious lunch, we went out for an afternoon troll with the kids.  Oliver had his first long bike ride WITHOUT training wheels!  It was incredible!

Bike Riding

Saturday night was another evening of incredible food, wine, and time with the family.  ❤

Sunday morning we took the kids for a pony ride through the neighboring forest.  Super fun!


Then we had another great meal (and wine!) (is anyone seeing a pattern here?!)  Manu’s children, L & M, made a Top Secret dessert for us (bottom photos) which was the perfect ending to a perfect lunch.


Unfortunately after lunch Hubby & Oliver began the 4-hour drive back home.  I stayed with Manu’s family and helped M with his English lesson.

English Lesson

Sunday evening was a light meal (indeed with wine!), then a sleep, and up bright and early to arrive at the airport.

I’m guessing the seven days I’ll be in the U.S. will fly given I’ll be working 10-hour days most every day and trying to catch up with friends in the evening.  Let’s hope it does because I can’t wait to get back to my family! ❤

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