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Almost Home!

August 16, 2012

Meet two of my new best friends!


photo 4.JPG

and TomTom!

photo 1.JPG

(And look at how cool TomTom is, he tells us when there is a radar (Upper left, 325 meters away!), what the speed limit is (middle left, 130kph), and many, many other things (like the temp, which was 22 degrees C)!

To say I adore the Clio/TomTom duo would be a severe understatement. It was with their assistance that we made it out of Paris and into Limoges.

On the way we stopped at a rest area where we got to see some real French people having a picnic on their way down south! (I’m not sure, but I think they might be GAY French picnickers as well!)

photo 2.JPG

And we also got to experience a real French rest area Turkish toilet. It was, um, an experience. Let’s just say that the whole experience depends on the person in front of you NOT peeing on the pedestal on which you are about to stand! Let’s just say the people before us didn’t quite understand the concept! Blech!

photo 3.JPG

And this is the countryside as we approached our new hometown of Limoges. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was really beautiful!

photo 4.JPG

After a lovely lunch with our Limogeaud (I found out someone from Limoges is called Limogeaud (Lee-muh-jo)) family and then we were off to see our new house!

Our new street! (Well, really it’s a deadend, but still…)

photo 2.JPG

And a peek at our home (on the right, yes attached to the other two homes), it starts at the chimney near the center of the photo and continues through the L!

photo 3.JPG

The overgrown front gate.

photo 1.JPG

And THE BEST room in the house: our atelier (studio)! My sewing/creative space will be in here, as will a space for Oliver to paint/draw/craft, and maybe even some room for Hubby (although he is getting his very own office, so maybe I won’t have to share!).

photo 3.JPG

The view from our bedroom window.

photo 1.JPG

The inside of our bedroom (with lots of dust all over because they’re doing work, which I’ll get back to in a later post!).

photo 2.JPG

And a shot of one of the streets in our new hometown (yes, that’s hubby being pushed UP the street by Uncle).

photo 5.JPG

I will definitely be having sweet dreams tonight because I CANNOT wait to be in our new home!


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  1. Adele permalink

    It’s ALL SO PERFECT! I can’t wait to visit!!!! Already told my parents that for Christmas this year we want $$ to buy tickets instead of tangible gifts 😀

  2. This is wonderful. I love your house, I love your car, I even love your street. sob sob. And I can speak 3rd year French!! Allons!!

  3. sharon permalink

    L’atelier is to die for, I want those windows. What an amazing space to create in. Can hardly wait to see the whole house fixed up and made into your new home.

  4. Darci permalink

    love…no other words…you are so happy.

  5. Ah, the turkish toilet. When I was in Montpellier, they wouldn’t even let us go near them!

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