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All Packed!

August 6, 2012


I am happy to say: Everything is packed! (My back is broken, but everything is packed!)

The 40′ container arrives at 8 a.m. to be filled up with our copious amounts of stuff. We had originally scheduled a 20′ container, but after calculating the cubic footage of all of our belongings (finally, algebra in action!), we came out with 28 cubic feet of belongings. I’m not sure of you’ve ever calculated the cubic footage of your belongings (what else is there to do on a Saturday night?!), but 8 cubic feet is A LOT of stuff. So instead of culling, we upgraded to a 40′ container.

We have movers scheduled for two days to make sure we have enough time. In addition, we have to make sure everything is tied down and secured because on the ocean liner it’s not just back and forth movements but also vertical movements from the crane as well as the ocean waves.

The container will leave our place on Wednesday evening and will make its way to the Port of Long Beach where it will be loaded onto a boat and should leave shortly after we leave on Sunday. It is scheduled to arrive mid-September, barring any storms. (As luck would have it, the container is scheduled to arrive at our place the same week that I’m back in the States! Woohoo! I mean, shucks!)

After the container leaves we’ll be ‘camping’ in our place for a couple of days and then this weekend we’ll stay with my stepson and his wife until our departure on Sunday. Then it will be off on our big adventure!


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  1. sharon permalink

    Woohoo indeed! Please tell me you aren’t sending poor Laurent by container too – he looks so forlorn sitting there amidst the boxes etc 🙂

  2. Bon Voyage. I know you will all love your new home.

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