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Countdown: FOUR WEEKS!

July 15, 2012

It’s a bit unbelievable, but as of today we’re at the FOUR WEEK mark for our departure to France!  It’s incredible to think that our departure is almost here.

What’s more frightening is that our belongings leave in THREE AND A HALF WEEKS!  The container that will carry our possessions to France via boat will leave our place on August 9.  For the remaining few days we’re going to find a hotel to stay in.

And of course during all that time, I’ll continue to work.  I’d say the same for Hubby except that he broke his leg a couple of weeks ago, so he’s more or less home bound.  Unfortunately that complicates the move a little, but we’ve gotten through worse, right?

To date we’ve leased our new home, enrolled Oliver into preschool, bought a new car, and our utilities are set up to be installed when we arrive.  None of this would be possible without our incredible family in France!  We can’t wait to give them some huge hugs and kisses to thank them for all of their work on our behalf!


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  1. sharon permalink

    It does make it all seem very real doesn’t it. How excited you must be now – especially young Oliver. What a huge adventure.

    I remember the last few weeks in the UK before our big move Downunder, It felt almost surreal. All our ‘stuff’ departed on 30th September and we did a grand tour of friends and relations until the time for our flights on 15th October. Totally mad. Oh, and the wait when we got here but before our worldly goods did (6 weeks including Customs and Quarantine clearance!) seemed never-ending. Have you been watching Le Tour de France to acclimatise your eyes to the new scenery? We watch it every year partly to remind us of the old historic towns etc we have left behind.

    Really, really looking forward to news from Le Pingault-Varney Chateau. Bon voyage and happy landings.

  2. I’m kinda going through weird emotions…. it’s will no longer be “my dear friends in L.A.”, it will be “mes amies tout la Francais” (Ok, shut up and bite me on my French in that- I only had 2 years with an instructor who spoke German and Spanish 2/3 of the time in class and that was many, many moons ago.) But you get my drift. Point is, it’s becoming SO REAL.

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